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            Simple Pleasures CD
              It's a Good Life
           When You're Ready
          Alone CD
         Fire Wind
Ignorance and Fear CD
     All Just the Same
          Sam I Am
      One From the
   Battlefront LIVE CD

   On the Road Again
   Friend of the Devil
    On the Water CD
      Goodbye River
  What Makes You You

            Watch video now over at  AcousticWarrior.com 

Play guitar?  Wanna learn some Sotter tunes?  There's sheet music here

You can download Sotter-tunes on iTunes, CD Baby, or Amazon.  To purchase one of my CD's, just come to one of my shows, or click on the CD covers above to order securely on-line.  Did you know....you can "steal" any of the songs above by right-clicking on the title and then clicking "Save target as..." and saving it to your computer?  Go ahead...steal 'em!

   Email John at JohnSotter@JohnSotter.com